5 Styling Tips For A Relaxed Look

5 Styling Tips For A Relaxed Look

Interior designing is fun, expressive, inviting and very necessary. On the other hand, it can become an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be; especially with a well thought out plan. We know that there are lots of factors that go into making your home, your space, personalized and complete. The first thing is to determine a style genre, or overall theme you’re looking to achieve. A space that has reflects you, your style and personality aims to include, balance, light, color, space, comfort, style and details. Here are 5 styling tips that you can start using today. 

Take Decorating to the Next Level, Off the Floor.

Using all the square feet you pay for can be tricky. But when it comes to your home look at it this way, what goes up is up. Use sconces and wall lamps for lighting the inside and outside of your home. Use the coat closet & door hanger appliques to replace bulky standing ones. Install floating shelves & consoles, mounted televisions, sleek suspension lighting. Highlight paintings & canvas by hanging them at their best high point.   


Floor Goodness Sakes, Plan Out the Space

The floor is the place that you walk & admire, along with your home. After cleaning on a Saturday morning, listening to your favorite playlist, enjoying any indulgence. So, of course the floor should be a neat, clean space, free of as much clutter as one can maintain in a daily routine. Sofas & chairs, tables should fit their space leaving ample walking space in a room. Use functional bedroom chaises, stylish contemporary ottomans & benches for seating, clothing & shoe storage. Bulky furniture can be angled differently, rearranged or used in another room, if it does not meet the flow and functionality you want to achieve. Plush decorative rugs, and sleek tall vases with fresh plants are always great floor additions that can reflect detail.


Accents, Anyone?

Many accents fall into different genres, but you can find and discover all kinds. Minimalist, contemporary, eclectic, copper, silver, gold, nautical, religious, animals, rare, unique, historical, handmade, sentimental, are just some examples to search for accent types. Use minimalist, modern and eclectic accents on desks, shelves, counters and conversational statement pieces as centerpieces on your side, coffee & dining tables. 

Keep it clean. A clean airy space is a comfortable space best for your overall well-being. 

Being tidy is a given for a clean space however, clean can refer to a look or feeling, as well. Hues, paints and color schemes have a lot to do with a clean look. Some of the best interior designers know how to blend colors and personality into a room. Try experimenting with warm, soft hues, mild yellows, earth tones, sometimes hints of bold colors, use trimming when painting, stripes, polka dots or non-busy design patterns that can also be fun, for clean decorating.


Let there be some light.

Use windows that have a great sunlight yield to allow light into your home during peak hours. Sunshine not only illuminates a space but makes it inviting, relaxing and raises your serotonin levels which are your happy endorphins. Use your favorite window treatments, and even skylight installations to let the light in. Maximize light distribution with lamps and upgrade light bulbs in your space.

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