To Sleep Or Not To Sleep? 5 Step Guide to Improving Your Sleep Quality

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep? 5 Step Guide to Improving Your Sleep Quality

Now, whether you’re a firm believer of opting for 8 hours of sleep, or opting for less, when you sleep, after the day's duties, it should at least be sweet. Balancing good nutrition, careers, family, exercise and technology can at times be consuming. But, consider that how you rest can still affect your next grand rising. Setting the tone, and having the proper bedding/linen in your bedroom definitely becomes vital to having consistent high-quality sleep. 

   While a few of us aim to achieve sleeping beautys’ level of rest, others have demanding schedules leaving them no time they need to refill their energy reserve. And, to be both is a challenge, sleepy and busy. This will surely lead to burnout. The CDC, American Sleep Association, Philips and other sources report sleep deprivation and disorders on a low end of 32% and a high end affecting 70% of adults, worldwide ages 18-64. The data also shows that 14-55% of US adults report daily ailments including neck, back, arthritic and a number of other pain disorders. 

   Improving sleep quality, literally won’t happen overnight. But, preparing to invest some time, commitment and budgeting for the essentials of a good night's rest is well within your reach. Try a few of these tips to guide you in making your sleep a little easier.

Pillows. Body pillows, therapeutic pillows, cushions for seating can be good for comfort, and necessary for neck, and back health issues. For sheer comfort and sound sleep, extra pillows for your legs, feet, and neck can make a lot of difference. A minimum pillow count per person (3-4), is a good way to be sure everyone in your home is resting well. 

Mattress & Clean Linen. Updated, and washed pajamas, sheets, pillowcases and comforters protect your hygiene, helps you sleep tight and keeps the bed bugs from biting. It is recommended to replace your mattress every 6-10 years.

Supportive Lighting. Light that aids you in sleeping can be simple dimmable installations, warm color lights, a blue light plug-in or accessory, or even for high views, windows with translucent treatments to illuminate the night's shine. The proper placement and right amount of warm light is a great way to relax, and rest well.

Peaceful Environment. This depends on the sleeper. Some adults require the still of the night quiet, to sleep. While, others need some type of white noise, nature or meditation music, to aid them in resting. Whatever, your sleep regime, the key is to be comfortable, and in a state of relaxation. 

Alarm Clock.  Why? Because, don’t forget to wake up. 

Now, go and get the sleep only dreams are made of. You deserve it. 


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